Low amniotic fluid

Today was one of my weekly non stress tests and afterward the ultrasound tech said I had low amniotic fluid. I am unnecessarily concerned but not fearful. Hopefully by next week all is fine and my concerns will be for naught. As ready as I am to have this little lady, I do know she needs to cook for a couple more weeks. Today I am 35 weeks and 4 days. 


35 weeks

I always have the best topics to post about right before I head to sleep. My pregnant brain convinces me that I will remember such grand ideas until morning.  So far, that hasn’t happened once!  So here I am, 35 weeks pregnant hoping my daughter will make her entrance into the world in just a few weeks instead of 5 or more weeks.  I don’t want her born fragile and unhealthy, so I will wait and follow her timeline. I know she’s running out of room in there so hopefully she won’t abuse me too badly until her birthday arrives….whenever that may be. 

Oh a happier note, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I plan to ask when I can start my maternity leave. I am quite over being in pain and working at the same time.