Baby update

Week 41 + 6 here and still no baby. My amniotic fluid scare from last month ended up being a non issue so I didn’t need any further testing. Woohoo. Today I started loosing my mucus plug and I have an induction scheduled for Monday night. So, regardless of what happens, baby girl will be here by November 1st. It just got real folks. 🙂



I’m not sure if you are anything like me, but if you are then you love free samples. I just received three free samples of the seventh generation laundry soap and, being a mom, instantly put it to use with the poles of laundry I had to do. I was already in like with their cleaning products and I just fell a bit in love with their laundry soap. These were prmeasured packs, so it was super easy to use as well. I am defiantly going to buy some of these once I get out if the house and to the store.