42 weeks and a birth story

img_0652The time finally came that I had my last obgyn appointment and the doctor established I was not progressing and needed to be induced. That cervical exam hurt like the dickens…all to hear the doc say, ‘you’re at about half a centimeter.’  I could have cried, in fact, I think I did. I was scheduled for my induction on October 31st at 6 pm. At this moment it finally got real. Real scary, real emotional, real unknown. The great thing was, I knew I would meet my daughter by November 1st.  Well, here’s the fun part. Not so much fun but it’s when things really started. Come Monday morning around one am, I wake up to a contraction and before I can fall asleep I have another one. I start to time the, and they are ahoy seven minutes apart. They stay between seven and six sometimes nine minutes for about four to five hours. They then start getting a little closer so I decide to get up and get dressed so that I can be ready. I’m thinking gravity might have had something to do here because once I get up they start getting really close, like three minutes and then back to back and about two minutes apart on average. I tell my husband I think it’s time to go and we head to the hospital with our son. The hospital checks me and and can see that I am far enough along, (i.e. overdue) and they admit me. Then there is a bit of hubbub with the nurses and they send one in who says she will be my nurse because the baby is misbehaving. My husband and I don’t really know what that means but they had me switch to my left side then my right and I figured the baby must be moving so much that they can’t get a good read in her heart rate. Well, turns out she is decelerating badly every so often and not just with contractions as is somewhat normal for babies. After four decelerations in 20 min a whole team of nurses rush in and they tell me I need an emergency c section to get the baby out. One nurse gives me a shot in the arm to raise my heart rate and the babies and I’m rushed off to the OR where my husband isn’t even able to join me. That is when I lost it. Everything happened so fast but the thought of him not being by my side became terrifying. Once I got into the operating room I hear the nurses asking to see if I signed all the paperwork (I didn’t).  Most of the important forms were signed and they had me sign the rest after delivery. Then the babies heart rate goes back to normal and they are able to give me an epidural instead of knocking me out/putting me under with gas. Thankfully my doctor is super quick and is there to scrub in and my husband is able to come in just as they are cutting me open. Believe me, even as I type is I have a mild PTSD because there was in fact emotional trauma with the whole event. So, long story short my daughter was born on October 31, 2016 at 10:56 am and her daddy cut the cord. As soon as I heard her cry I began to sob.

The reason behind her distress could have been because she was meconium stained. She pooped in utero a good two weeks ago and was completely covered in poop. She was even stained green from it!

so that was the big delivery adventure. Past due and emergency surgery and a pretty quick delivery. Oh, and a gorgeous baby to top it off. I could ask for more but why would I?


One thought on “42 weeks and a birth story

  1. aww. I always get flashbacks of my own birth stories when I read another persons tale. I do hope to one day make a cute journal with baby pictures from shortly after birth- not nasty icky swollen baby bodies.. but cute ones-ha, along with an abridged versions of their birth stories; the main details and emotions/feelings and thoughts. That way, I have it and if ever I wind up with Alzheimer’s (irrational fear) I won’t worry about forgetting those memories.

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