Review of LaLa Leggings

Review of LaLa Leggings

I was introduced to the world of Lu La Roe (LLR) a couple of weeks ago and I feel in love with leggings all over again.  I wished I would have known their amazingness when I was pregnant last year.  The only thing that held me and holds me back from becoming a Lu La Roe rep is the cost it takes to run this business.  A good 5 grand is just the start.  Then you need to get hangers and market like your life depends on it.

Welcome to the world of Lala Leggings.  Not only are their prices about 25%-30% lower than LLR, they offer free shipping throughout the US and I don’t have to hold an inventory of goods.  I tried them on and dang!  They are soooo soft.  Also, as an affiliate, I get a 25% discount on all my orders and I earn a hearty commission on my sales and sub affiliate sales.  I am growing my team and so happy with our weekly releases.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  We have new products released EVERY WEEK!  There are mommy and me sets and sizes from one size up to 3X/4X and higher.  Thankfully we are not just about leggings, there are shorts, maxi shirts, high low tops, tanks, and so much more.  Come on over to my website

, look around and fill your cart.  You will be happy you did.


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