CBD testimonials make me happy.

I love seeing and hearing people feel an improved sense of health. Here’s is what one of my customers had to say about their health:

Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Migraine Relief
I feel so blessed that something has finally worked.

I have had thyroid issues since I was 20, and all the things that go with that, I have arthritis that has been progressing for the last 5 years.. I have had migraines since I was 20 and there has only been one prescription that’s worked and it’s outrageously expensive.

I have tried everything to just make it through the day. When you have chronic pain, you’ll try anything to make it go away.

I have only been on the 750 mg drops for about 10 days now and I have so much less joint pains, it literally takes away my headaches in 20 minutes, and I have my energy back.

Folks, this is huge. CTFO CBD oil drops are less expensive than just my over the counter pain killers per month.

I am finally living the Baby Boomers dream.

This is why I love my job. Helping people improve their health and wealth is such a wonderful feeling! If you would like to see your health and wealth increase, meet me here for more information.


A world of opportunity

Good morning! This week has been the least challenging week in ages and I am gleeful about it. I am building my businesses and so happy to see them all thrive. If you are looking for work at home opportunities I have a handful listed on my website.

What can you expect to find there? I have tea, leggings, and CBD products for people and pets. All of these items follow a common them of comfort. I’m one CozyMama because of these products. The CBD alone has reduced my anxiety, pain, PMS, and improved my health, and wealth. With the ultimate goal of working my jobs full time and firing my boss…I see a bright light at the end of the corporate tunnel. That light is freedom. How would that feel?

So head over to http://www.CBDcozymama.com today and find your path to financial freedom.

The rug has been pulled out from under me.

Sometimes you want to be that person who only focuses on the good. Who sees the bright side of any issue. Who tells others there will always be a silver lining.

But then there is a reality that punches you in the face. It grabs you by the throat and sucker punches you until you cannot speak. That, my friends was my Tuesday. Tuesday night my spouse revealed to me a relapse had happen in his recover. Clean for over 14 years but not anymore. Ok, that’s extreme. He had a slip up, he’s not actively using anymore but he did. I was…no, I AM crushed. My trust has crumbled. I am hurt and in a horrible movie-lile nightmare in which I cannot escape. I just want to click my heels and wake up from this bad dream, but here we are…very much awake.

I feel overall very numb. I’m emotionless and yet full of emotion. I’m hurt and feel to blame. Hopefully we will get back to where we were but I didn’t much love that either.

Being a grown up sucks! Being a mom, a wife, a woman…it’s all so very hard. Being a Christian is difficult and being a person feels impossible. I’m detached from reality a bit right now. Hopefully something or sometime will allow me to find myself and my goals again.

Get your side hustle on

If you haven’t already, there are a couple of sites to join that create a passive income. Now I use the word ‘income’ loosely because they likely are not going to pay your house note, but they will easily make you gas money. In my mind, free money is free money. Here is the first one, Inbox Dollars.  By letting brief videos play in the background or completing surveys, or as easy as opening an email, you can find yourself a few bucks richer. I have made over $100 in the last year and I honestly didn’t even put that much effort into in. Maybe 2 hours or so, the whole year!  Stay tuned for additional money making websites. 

Grateful for…

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

In times past I wrote daily in a gratitude journal.  My goal was to find no less than 10 things I was grateful for each day.  I began to struggle, or so I thought, to find variance in my lists.  Looking back I can see how happy it made me and really how it changed my view of life around me.  The things I found myself writing most were: my family, another day of life, belief in God, patience, hope, peace of heart, the Bible, and friends (listed out).  This seemed to be redundant over time.  Although that is true I now realize that this list of grateful redundancy does not happen to all.

Growing older is a gift not given to some.  As I watched my mother take her last breath in an upstairs hospital room in the fall of 2011, I felt grateful for very little.  Now….now, I am grateful for the days I had, the 33 years of life I shared with her.  The way she nurtured me in her growing belly for more than 10 months (because timeliness just wasn’t my thing back in utero).  The stories of my childhood and of her own that she would reflect upon.  How she loved my son so very much and loved being his Grammy.  I am grateful for the over 12,000 days I spent with her.  I am grateful for the good times and how she taught me to be stronger during our ickiest of times.

So today, this very day, I am again reaching for a notebook to reclaim as my gratitude journal.  It may fluctuate into a Facebook post or a blog entry, but grateful I will be.  I want to show up in the world every thankful for the beauty I am blessed to see each day.  And with the icky stuff happens, because we all know it will happen, I will be grateful for that too.  For in the darkest moments we see our inner light shine.  Be it flickering and dull, it is our light and we must claim it for what it is.  It is OURS!  No one can fully take away our fight and our ability to learn from our surroundings.

I want my children to grow into adults who are able to see past all that is horrific and be glad that they were present to grow from a life changing moment.

I sit on a couch that isn’t mine, in a 400 square feet space that has been gifted to my family of four and I could be the most depressed and dark soul.  (These last two years I have been.  I have not practiced what I now preach.)  Yet, I vow to look outside of my tattered space and be thankful and grateful for all that I have.  The heart full of love that cannot be purchased, sold, or exchanged.  I vow to make 2018 a better year than 2017.  Not because things may change, though I hope they do, but because my attitude toward them will change.

So that, that is what I am grateful for. Long post short; I am grateful for the ability to see the good in every situation.  The willingness to accept my personal growth and my desire to spread good thoughts of gratitude onto those around me.